Aiming to become a leading provider of end to end agriculture solutions in Myanmar


Distribution of Farm Inputs

Ashro is able to provide all farming inputs such as quality seeds, fertilizers and pesticides to farmers through our seven regional offices and network of dealers

Farmer Training

We aim to improve the knowledge of a farmer so that they may get the best result. Ashro is able to do this because of our experienced agricultural specialists and educators. Under our Lat Twe (“Holding hands” in Burmese) program,  we continue to guide the farmer through the lifecycle of the crop from seed to harvest

Crop Management Services

We plan to initiate a technology based crop management service so that a farmer may worry less and enjoy safer working conditions especially when working with fertilizers and pesticides.

Testing Laboratory

We believe in quality, therefore we have pushed to create a cotton testing laboratory so that we can assure that our country’s produce is of international standard for both the export market and domestic consumption.

Buy Back Program

To give added security to the agriculture community, we have initiated a buyback guarantee in select crops, so that a farmer is assured before planting that their produce will surely be bought and that all they have to ensure is the best growth of the crop.

Main Crops