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About Us

Ashro Insurance is a proudly Ashro Group of Company-owned businesses. Ashro Insurance is one of Myanmar’s leading distributors of diversified insurance products and services in the life and general insurance category. Operating through a countrywide network of offices, Ashro offers a comprehensive portfolio of services to clients. We partner with No.1 International Insurance Company AIA and Myanmar's Most Trusted Insurance Company, AYA Sompo. We offer the full range of Life and General Insurances, across all varieties of industry and clients. At Ashro Insurance, we provide qualified and industry-trained insurance professionals. Backed by our Experience, Reputation, and Trust, we are committed to providing our clients with the very best in Insurance Services.


Our Purpose

Peaceful Mind,
Peaceful Life

Our Values

A Promise of - Peace of mind, Financial security, and Protection for our client's Commitment. We are to help people from Myanmar manage the risks of daily life, recover from the unexpected, and achieve their dreams.

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  • Our Products

    We are pleased to help you, take away your huge burden of unsecured life

    Health Insurance

    Health is wealth. Your wellbeing should not be your cost. Don't let medical expenses become a financial burden for you and your beloved family. However, no one can predict what will happen in the future. Choose we as your healthcare partner and you'll be covered for medical expenses, surgical expenses, and doctor visits.

    Education Life Insurance

    Education is the safest long-term investment. However, for many parents, the cost of education is a huge burden. Moreover, if the parents suffer an adverse accident, the long-term savings plan will be missed. With our Education Life Insurance product, we help you to take away your worry. In the event that the insured person dies or becomes permanently disabled during the policy term, our product covers the cost of your children's education and helps them to continue studying before they graduate.

    Universal Life Insurance

    When walking towards our destination, a compass is the best way to direct the course of the journey. Similarly, as life changes in terms of financial and health needs arise as you prepare for a better and happier future, we will act as your guide beyond the horizon, guiding you along a smooth path. With its flexible features in financial security and long-term saving plans, A whole life insurance approach offers improved life and permanent peace of mind to people at all stages of their lives.

    Marine Insurance

    Marine cargo insurance provides coverage for the unexpected loss of goods during transportation due to natural disasters, accident fires, and loss of vehicles. Business owners, logistic companies, and other agents need to protect their vital cargo from the threats it faces during transit. This policy provides Hight quality protection, protecting your business.

    Fire Insurance

    Fire insurance protects properties and assets against unexpected loss due to fire or lighting. Fire insurance is the best way to protect you, your home, and your possessions from the destructive effects of uncontrolled fire. With great home service and we are here to help, every step of the way.

    Personal Accidents Insurance

    Protects against workplace unexpected loss caused by injury, total permanent disability, and death due to an accident. This policy ensures that an accident needs to affect your family's financial situation, as we choose your partner to give you some advice payout to help your recovery.

    Short Term Endowment Life Insurance

    Short Term Endowment Life insurance offers life protection coverage for the duration of the policy's term, as well as a lucrative lump-sum maturity payout.

    Motor Insurance

    Our Comprehensive motor insurance means you can drive safely in the knowledge that you are protecting your vehicles against losses resulting from an accident.